UK Black Female Professors

There are just 25 Black British female Professors in UK universities – the smallest group of Professors in terms of both race and gender. A new report entitled ‘Staying Power’ by Dr Nicola Rollock, the first study of its kind in the UK, delves into the experiences and challenges of this virtually invisible group of women.

Commissioned by the University and College Union (UCU), Staying Power reveals the culture of bullying and stereotyping forcing black academics to work harder and employ mentally draining strategies just to survive their daily roles and responsibilities.

When Dr. Rollock’s report released in February 2019, it was met with nationwide interest and brought with it a new and shocking spotlight on race within higher education.

The research findings were covered across education and mainstream media including The Guardian, Times Higher Educational Supplement, The Voice and the high end fashion magazine Vogue. The lifestyle magazine Stylist also carried a special feature on Black female academics and self-care based on Dr Rollock’s research.


Dr. Nicola Rollock, Reader in Equity & Education at Goldsmiths University of London, shares the findings from her latest research on the career progression and experiences of Black female Professors in the UK.

PROJECT LAUNCH - The launch of Staying Power took place on Monday 4 February 2019 at the Reading Room, Wellcome Trust, London. Welcoming remarks were made by Dr Simon Chaplin (Wellcome Trust) and Angela Nartey (UCU) gave closing comments:

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