Dr Nicola Rollock

dr nicola rollock

Consultancy & Research


Overview of services offered:

  • Speaking engagements including keynote addresses & panel debates

  • Advice on the design & delivery of small scale and national projects

  • Editorial guidance & strategic oversight on draft project reports, research proposals and other documentation

  • Guidance on the design of Equality & Diversity Policies, Action Plans and objectives

  • Design & delivery of bespoke workshops to improve understanding of race, racism & racial justice

  • Research & project management (including delivery focus groups, interviews, surveys, questionnaires)

  • One to one executive coaching aimed at improving critical engagement and application of diversity & equity

Current projects:

Black female Professors - Photographic Exhibition


This project is an extension to my 2018 research exploring the career strategies and experiences of UK’s Black female Professors. I have collaborated with the photographer Bill Knight who will take portraits of the Professors during 2019 with a plan for an exhibition in 2020.

AdvanceHE - Leading race equality in higher education

ASSOCIATE - training delivery

AdvanceHE works with universities and colleges to improve their engagement with equality and diversity.  I worked with a team of facilitators to design the two-day ‘Leading race equality in higher education’ training programme and continue to work with them to deliver it to HR professionals, support staff and E&D practitioners within universities across the UK.

Examples of past projects:

University of the Arts, London

external reviewer

I acted as an external reviewer to the University of the Arts (UAL) on their Retain, Achieve, Succeed project. The project emerges from concerns about the Black-white gap in degree achievement and aims to find creative ways to diversify the curriculum and increase faculty understanding of cultural diversity.  I reviewed and assessed staff research proposals written as part of the project. I also designed and delivered a bespoke training session for staff developing their practice and critical engagement with identity, race and cultural diversity.

Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE)

editorial guidance

I was called upon to provide expert advice and editorial guidance on the draft of a LFHE report on Black and minority ethnic leadership in higher education.  The report was launched at the LFHE summit on the same theme during Summer 2015

Royal Society of the Arts (RSA)

Editorial guidance

I provided expert advice and editorial guidance on the development of a RSA report on supplementary schooling. The final report was published in Summer 2015.


"Your talk is something that has really stayed with me and it has made me strongly reflect on my own privilege and experiences over my life course so far. You have also inspired aspects of my research, such thinking more carefully about the strategies that women put in place regarding their workplace experiences and to look more closely into the emotional impact of these strategies. (…) I wanted to thank you because I think that it can be easy to underestimate the impact that we can have on other people and I am grateful for how you have shaped my research and my own awareness of academia”.

/ Doctoral researcher, 2019 /